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Welcome to TheOldBirdhouse.com

The Old Birdhouse was started because I have a passion for architectural design, woodworking and birds.  I strive to create bird houses and feeders that are unique and different.

All of our Bird Houses and Bird Feeders are made using high quality long lasting wood or Cellular PVC, weather proof adhesives and corrosive resistant screws or nails.  Our bird houses and feeders are built to last many years without maintenance, other than removing the nests at the end of the season.

We have four categories of  birdhouses.

Our Custom Made Birdhouses are hand-built fineTheOldBirdhouse.comly crafted architectural replicas of your house or building.  Most of our Custom Built Birdhouses are commissioned as one-of-a-kind.  To begin production we use client provided photos of your home or building + dimensions to develop working CAD drawings. Once approved, our custom birdhouses are individually handcrafted with exterior grade materials and joinery.  Our Custom Birdhouses can take anywhere from 6- 16 weeks depending on size and detail.  Please email us with your pictures and dimensions to receive a quotation.


Our Estate Feeders and Birdhouses are high-end finely crafted structures that are built with only the finest exterior grade materials to insure a lifetime of use.  Our Estate Feeders and Birdhouses are built to order and normally take 2-4 weeks before shipping.




Our Old Antique Birdhouses are made from old recycled barn board.  The barn boards have been salvaged from old tobacco barns and New England Farms.  Each barn board bird house is a one of a kind creation and no two are alike.    Some of our Old Antique Bird houses feature real slate roofs, old metal tin roofs, copper roofs and lead sheet roofs. Although these birdhouses are perfectly suited for outside use many of our customers choose to display them indoors.


The Flying Nun Nest Box is a new and unique design for bluebirds and is approved  by the North America Bluebird Society (NABS) but also provides a great nest box for tree swallows, chickadees, finches, nuthatches and other native birds.  The Flying Nun Nest Box is manufactured with 1″ thick rough sawn lumber which insulates against the cold nights.  The roof is a curved white or hunter green PVC roof which provides a weather resistant covering that will keep the nest box dry even in a driving rain storm.