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Custom Birdhouses

Note: Due to the time involved in production we only accept 6-9 custom birdhouses per year.  Our Custom Made Birdhouses are high end hand-built finely crafted architectural replicas of your house or building.  Most of our Custom Built

Birdhouses are commissioned as one-of-a-kind.  To begin production we use client provided photos of your home or building + dimensions to develop working CAD drawings. Once approved, our custom birdhouses are individually handcrafted with exterior grade materials and joinery.  Custom Birdhouse start at $800.00 & up based upon size & detail.  Our Custom Birdhouses can take anywhere from 6- 16 weeks depending on size and detail.

Please email us with your pictures and dimensions to receive a quotation.

Some examples (click on image for picture window)

Custom replica birdhouse
Custom replica birdhouse
Custom brick